Workshops/Presenters/Activities at Umbra Luna Rendezvous 2017

We shall witness the full solar eclipse together in silence on Monday... and you are welcome to attend whatever workshops/activities you feel drawn to!

Our workshop list below will continue to build as I receive the information from our list of presenters... so keep checking back for updates! Click on the presenter NAME links over to the right to see what everyone will be offering!

Shakti Gong Sound Healing with The Starnes Sisters at the Yoga Space

Monthly sound healings are happening now in Portland with The Starnes Sisters! We are excited to bring this event that we love to share to Oregon on a regular basis now. Contact us if you would like to schedule a sound healing in your area! <3 - our next session at the Yoga Space will be TBA 2017
Location: The Yoga Space Nw
210 NW 17th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97209
$30 per person
Register here: TBA

Shakti Gong Sound Healing - TBA

Sarah will blend the healing vibrations of a planetary gong with crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and her voice among other instrumental surprises. Bathe in the ethereal music for an hour while breathing in the beautiful aroma of various therapeutic essential oils she will offer you to apply to your body before the session*. Dress in comfortable clothing, and wear layers for warmth. Bringing your own blanket and pillow is encouraged. We have mats, blankets and bolsters for you to use at the studio as well. Be prepared to lay down, RELAX and ENJOY!


Yin Yoga + Sound Healing - TBA

Yin Yoga + Sound Healing


Acro Playshop at Shine - Batavia, IL

Acro Playshop with Sarah Richelle Starnes

Acro Workshop - Albany, OR

Take your yoga practice to new heights as we journey with others into the core center of the body, the source of balance on and off the yoga mat. You will explore technical moves and transitions through acrobatic yoga to prepare you to reach higher levels of strength, communication, playfullness and trust. This includes inversions, backbends, moving transitions and balancing poses with a partner or a small group. Ultimately, you will discover that balance is the result of softening, allowing, and connecting to everything that surrounds you.

Staying Grounded in an Upside Down World - Foundation Training in Inversions Workshop

Things can get confusing when we turn our bodies upside down in yoga, but setting a clear and precise foundation in your inversions can open new pathways of exploration and a variety of expressions of form. In this workshop we will explore optimal ways to align the body in poses like handstand, headstand, shoulder stand, forearm balance and more. You don't need to be comfortable with all of these poses to benefit from learning how to approach them safely.

Sunset Horse Connection Walk

I'd like to invite you to join me in a magical place... a place where 20-40 horses run, play and graze in harmony together. Come spend time in a huge pasture with powerful and gorgeous horses who are friendly and loving, learning how to connect with these radiant giants. Sarah will guide you through the process of learning how to connect with these sweet and sacred beings.

Next walk: TBA

Mushroom Hunting Adventures

Hike the PNW in search of choice edible mushrooms! Contact us for more information about small group mushroom hunting tours in Oregon and Washington! Prices are on a sliding scale and vary depending on number of hours and number of people in your group. We know enough about mushrooms to keep you alive and hopefully help you find a tasty meal! We only pick mushrooms we are 100% certain about... and we observe and respect all of the rest on our journey! Come explore with us! Email for more info. :)