Horseback Riding Lessons, Horse Training and Horse Connection Workshops in Eagle Creek, OR

Sarah offers a sliding scale of $40-$60/hr for riding lessons (two people can also share the lesson if needed to save on cost). She also offers a 10% discount on the lower end of the sliding scale price when 5 sessions are purchased together (5 sessions for $180). The first lesson is training on the ground, learning how to connect with horses in loving and respectful ways, how to safely spend time around them and how to groom them. The rider will then ride bareback on the horse at a walk for a short period.

Sarah Loves Life Art

I have dreamcatchers and malas for sale (pictured) ... please email if you are interested in purchasing one of my creations. All malas pictured are $108 + 3 s&h = $111 ... dream catcher is $75 + 15 s&h = $90

More will be posted when available!

**Shipping Cost is for mainland US, please ask about shipping in other areas**

Nature's Sunshine Products

Some of my favorite products come from a company called Nature's Sunshine. I have used their products since I was a little child, because my mom raised me on many of them. They are a great company and have very high quality products for health and natural healing. Here are a few of my favorites:

Silver Shield Gel
Silver Shield Liquid
Nature's Harvest Green Whole Food and Super Food Beverage Mix
Red Raspberry Liquid
Smart Meal Vanilla *please sign up under my distributor number when you order... thanks!

My distributor number: 2583038

Young Living Essential Oils

"Nature's Sacred Gift for Optimal Health & Wellbeing... Inhale Deeply"

Sarah Starnes ~ Independent Distributor
Sponsor/Distributor # 943975

Call:  1-800-371-2928
(toll-free Canada & US)
Monday–Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. US MT, Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. US MT
***Do Not Click "Add To Cart" To Order... Call or Sign Up Online!***

Jagati - Firefly (Full Album)


This is the full album (downloadable version), full of mantras and songs in Sanskrit, Lakota and English for you to enjoy. Great to use for a yoga practice or to listen to during massage, or on a road trip. Kids love it too! :)

This album was created by Sarah Starnes, Brent Miller, and Stephanie Starnes with some special guest appearances from a few dear friends. :)

Song List:
1. Ganesha
2. Shiva Shambho
3. Hare Krishna
4. Gayatri
5. Firefly
6. Om Mata Saraswati
7. Om Namo
8. Om Namah Shivaya
9. Tunkasila Pilamaya Olowan

Om Namo