www.yogaglo.com <-- an amazing resource on the internet to get streaming Anusara yoga classes and more!

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My philosophy teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks as well as some awesome Anusara instructors like Noah Maze and Tara Judelle have streaming HD videos and lectures at your fingertips when you sign up for $18/mo. on www.yogaglo.com !

This is a wonderful website and I highly recommend it! :)

A few of my favorite Essential Oils and what I use them for...

I LOVE Essential Oils. I use them throughout the day, every day. If you haven't tried any yet, it's about time you jump on the band wagon.

Here are some of my favorite oils and what I use them for...


*lower back/neck/shoulders every night before bed or anytime I feel stiffness in those areas
*bottoms of feet to ground and steady myself

Balsam Fir~

*anywhere I am sore or injured... bones or muscles... works wonders! Also try Pan Away


Sisters of the Wind Video

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We love Nature! :)

Anusara Grand Gathering Talent Show Dance 2008

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In Estes Park, CO last year, Anusara had it's first ever Grand Gathering at the Yoga Journal Conference. John Friend hosted a talent show, where I did a little "dance medley" ... here it is. ;)

Anusara Yoga Song

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Anusara takes its name from a verse in the great text, the Kularnava Tantra. It reads in Sanskrit, "Shakti-nipata-anusarena sishyo'anugraham-arhati". This means, by stepping into the current of Divine Grace's descent into the heart, the true seeker becomes worthy, enveloped in the Grace that sustains and nurtures his or her every action.

Danity Kane Damaged Parody video (sister version) :)

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another video from the past...

my silly rendition of Sia's "Buttons" video

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Sia made a very "original" music video to her song, Buttons, and if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check it out first before you watch this, otherwise you're gonna think I'm a little strange...

well... you might think I'm a little strange anyways. ;)

Here's a link to see Sia's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvd814WG2t4

Kiddie Acro Yoga :)

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Ashton & Sarah's Easter Acroyoga Extravaganza!

Making of the Anusara Syllabus Poster

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A fabulous Anusara teacher of mine, Darren Rhodes performed all of the asanas for the Anusara Syllabus Poster... here is a video showing part of the process...

...prepare to be inspired. :)

purchase the poster by following this link: http://www.tirthastudios.com/shop.html

or find out more about Darren at www.yogaoasis.com

AcroYoga Love <3

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Kateri Porto and I doing a little AcroYoga at FIXE Self Center in Hinsdale, IL :)