Go Sianna!

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I'm very excited to be heading to Cincinnati in August to assist my beautiful teacher, Sianna Sherman in her level 2 Immersion... here are a couple of awesome videos put together of/about her... as she embodies such delightful play of the heart. :)

Blogs about the New York Times story on Anusara and my teacher, John Friend

As thousands and thousands of people get their hands on a copy of the NY Times this Sunday... many will read an article about my beloved Anusara... and as a teacher in this community I have many thoughts about the article that I would like to share... but until then, please read the article, then read the following blogs from some wonderful members of our amazing kula... I am so happy to be a part of this spiritual family. :)

Original NY Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/25/magazine/25Yoga-t.html?_r=3&pagewanted=1

Anusara Yoga® Therapy for the Neck Video

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When your neck hurts... practice this!  Also when you have back pain, shoulder pain, stiffness in any of these areas or a headache... this is my all time favorite yoga pose... it's that good.  You could call it fish prep, or sea bass (as my student Reid calls it), or just plain "the best yoga pose ever."

Thanks to my teacher Desiree Rumbaugh for teaching this to me years ago and for having the strongest, sexiest neck I've ever seen! ;-)

Tigress Practice (SEPT. & OCT. 2012)

SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER (2012) will be the last two months for our donation Tigress practice at Elmhurst Yoga Shala, Inc. on the first Friday of the month (6pm-9:30pm). This 3 1/2 hr practice will be intense, deep, and super fun! This is a lead practice (so I practice along with you) and is for intermediate/advanced practitioners only... and is a donation practice to build community and to help us take our practices to another level.

A VIDEO about ANUSARA..... xoxoxoxo

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Here are two lovely ladies I know who made a great video about Anusara... Inspirational vlogger KB and Anusara-inspired yoga teacher Mindy Willis.  <3


the Beauty of Nature

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nature at it's finest... <3

I LOVE MOSES ~ by Kenna... a slideshow featuring one very special chihuahua!

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A picture slideshow created by the wonderful vacation family who watches my chihuahuas when I'm away... Moses is Kenna's favorite... obviously... ;-)

some videos about Anusara, and my teacher John Friend :)

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Bhakti LOVE Feb. 2010

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1st video:

a medley of our Kirtan at Nature Yoga in Chicago (Feb. 2010)

Stephanie Starnes, Sarah Starnes & Frank Naugo

2nd video:

Stephanie Starnes sings the verse from the Kularnava Tantra where Anusara came from... impromptu :)

Earl and Me ~ song about a homeless man <3

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Here's an old song of mine...