some good pre-natal vids :)

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Tough as Nails, Soft as Ghee... this is how I transitioned into 2011...

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Tucson, AZ with Darren Rhodes, Christina Sell and Noah Mazé...

and FYI... Noah Mazé will be in Barrington at Yogawerks THIS WEEKEND (1/7-1/9) for amazing workshops so sign up now!

Christmas Bang 2010

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our Thanksgiving video... DANCE PARTY!

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Thanksgiving 2010

Anusara Yoga - Becoming a Standing Mudra of the Heart

a great article about Anusara, John Friend, and the Anusara Grand Gathering...

and here's the interview with John:

here is the body of the article:

Anusara Yoga® Therapy for the Knees Video with Neesha

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Do your knees hurt?? Practice these exercises! :)


fun videos from the Anusara Grand Gathering 2010!

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Estes Park, CO ~ 2nd Annual Anusara Grand Gathering at the Yoga Journal Conference :)

Yoga in the Rain <3

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I've injured my foot... so I've asked Nature to heal me... :)

Future is in the Future

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Our newest video parody... oh lordy... :-0

Song by Electric Six

Filmed by Jill Kuehn

Produced, Compiled and Edited by Sarah & Stephanie Starnes