Mayurasana - Peacock Pose

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Mayurasana - Peacock Pose Instruction by Sarah Richelle Starnes

An arm balance for you... step by step :)

Juicing... It's Good For You! :)

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Juice it up!

Acro Yoga with Kendra and Sarah :)

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A little acro with Kendra and Sarah :)

Figure 8 - New Music Video from The Starnes Sisters!

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Figure 8 - by Ellie Goulding
Created, Edited and Produced by The Starnes Sisters!

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Yoga + Bike Jumping

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Sarah Richelle Starnes and Matt Slager combine passions to create a playful experience in the forest.
Filmed in Oswego, IL at SWK
Filmed by Sarah Starnes and Atort Photography
Created by Sarah Starnes and Matt Slager
Music: Sail by Awolnation
Produced by The Starnes Sisters

Thriller Flash Mob on Halloween in Naperville!

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Take Two... happening Halloween 2013! Learn and practice the dance NOW and stay tuned for more info!

Learn the dance, dress up like a zombie, and show up a little before 6pm on Halloween at the lululemon athletica store in Naperville (Oct. 31st, 2012). If you can't learn the dance or just want to watch, you can come too. :)

This Life is my Practice

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Yogini: Sarah Richelle Starnes
Poem by Swami Satyananda Paramahamsa (1920 - 2010)
Music by Stephanie Starnes
The Heart Sutra:
Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam Gate, Bodhi Svaha
Translation: Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond Gone Utterly Beyond
Created by Sarah Richelle Starnes
Produced by The Starnes Sisters

Here we are on Elephant Journal!

I am an invisible child of a thousand faces of love,

That floats over the swirling sea of life,


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Test Run with Matt Slager and Sarah Starnes... this was just practice... video coming soon!

Here we are on Elephant Journal! :)

Local Retreat with Awesome People! :)

Life of Yes! Fall Retreat with Saya and Frank... check it out... deadline to apply is this Saturday!