Private/Small-Group Sessions

Private/Small-Group Sessions Private/Small-Group Sessions Private/Small-Group Sessions
Private/Small-Group Sessions

Yoga, Bodywork, Energy Healing and more...
Single session prices:
60min. - $108
75min. - $125
90min. - $145

*Please add $15 to the price of any session for each additional person who will be participating (this applies to adding 1-4 additional people... please ask about larger groups).*

Package options: You can mix and match any offering within the same price range.

Five 60min. sessions for $425 ($85 ea.) ***$115 discount***
Three 60min. sessions for $270 ($90 ea.) ***$54 discount***
Five 75min. sessions for $500 ($100 ea.) ***$125 discount***
Three 75min. sessions for $330 ($110 ea.) ***$45 discount***
Five 90min. sessions for $575 ($115 ea.) ***$150 discount***
Three 90min. sessions for $375 ($125 ea.) ***$60 discount***
10 pack 60min. sessions for $800 (1 yr expiration) for ($80 ea.) ***$280 discount***

All packages have a 6 month expiration (except the 10 pack) from the time of purchase. Pricing above is for sessions held at my location in Estacada, OR. All sessions can also take place in your home (a $15 travel fee per visit will be added to locations that are up to a 30min. drive from Estacada, OR... for greater distances, please ask). All payments must be made upfront and in full (cash or check). You can schedule your sessions with me whenever it is convenient for you. If you need to reschedule or cancel a session, please do so at least 24hrs before the scheduled time if possible.

Yoga/Therapeutics - Cultivate and deepen your personal yoga practice with one-on-one attention and guidance. Learn specific healing tools through the practice of precisely positioned poses and exercises with the help of hands on adjustments and refined alignment. Get specific questions relating to your personal practice answered and learn principles you can apply to how you practice at home and in public classes.

Energy Healing with Essential Oils - Relax and De-Stress with a soothing and calming session that involves light touch, sound therapy and aromatherapy. These sessions are great if you feel like you need your energy field balanced and re-aligned, or if you are feeling emotionally or mentally drained. Remaining clothed, you will have essential oils applied to the hands, feet and neck with subtle massage and supportive touch. Singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, mantra and other healing tools may be used to add to your experience.

Thai Bodywork - Have your body moved in and out of yoga poses without effort, receiving hands on adjustments, massage and stretching while simply relaxing and focusing on your breath. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing (a long-sleeved shirt and pants are ideal).

Structural Alignment/Relaxation Integration Bodywork - These sessions can be deeper/more intense and focused on moving connective tissue back into alignment, or they can be soothing and focused on releasing tension and deepening relaxation. If you choose a more intense session, less oil is used on the skin to make a deeper skin/muscle/bone connection. Warmed coconut oil will be applied all over the body for the more soothing sessions.

Please contact Sarah for more information:

Purchase a session for someone you care about as a gift!  Contact Sarah if you would like to order a gift certificate.