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Recommended book to learn more:
Reference Guide for Essential Oils ~ Compiled by Connie & Alan Higley
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Here are some of my favorite oils and what I use them for...

*lower back/neck/shoulders every night before bed or anytime I feel stiffness in those areas
*bottoms of feet to ground and steady myself
Balsam Fir~
*anywhere I am sore or injured... bones or muscles... works wonders! Also try Pan Away
*1 drop on the tongue or in a glass of water for an upset stomach, nausea, or simply to aid in digestion
***1-3 drops on my lower belly for menstrual cramps... (coffee enemas are great for these too!)
*2 drops on my face every morning
***2 drops + 1 drop Purification + 1 drop Lavender for a natural underarm deodorant
***natural deoderant (also blended with Frankincense and Lavender, see above)
***natural bug repellent
*911 oil for any cut, bruise, burn, bug bite, etc.
White Angelica~
*natural perfume
*I take this internally, apply to the bottoms of my feet or ingest Thieves lozenges to prevent sickness or to heal faster when sick
*1 drop in a salt bath
***apply topically for sore or aching muscles

***Make sure your skin is not super porous when using these oils (like right out of a hot bath or shower, or after sweating a lot... if it is, some of the oils will burn when you apply them topically. If you forget and this does happen, apply lots of Lavender oil... it's great for any burn! :)