Jagati - Firefly (Full Album)

Jagati - Firefly (Full Album)

This is the full album (downloadable version), full of mantras and songs in Sanskrit, Lakota and English for you to enjoy. Great to use for a yoga practice or to listen to during massage, or on a road trip. Kids love it too! :)

This album was created by Sarah Starnes, Brent Miller, and Stephanie Starnes with some special guest appearances from a few dear friends. :)

Song List:
1. Ganesha
2. Shiva Shambho
3. Hare Krishna
4. Gayatri
5. Firefly
6. Om Mata Saraswati
7. Om Namo
8. Om Namah Shivaya
9. Tunkasila Pilamaya Olowan

Firefly - Jagati